NAMM Announces Plans for National Wanna Play Music Week May 7-13, 2012 and Encourages Its Members to Participate

May 7-13, 2012 is NAMM’s 6th annual National Wanna Play Music Week, providing potential music makers an opportunity to break through their mental barriers, pick up an instrument and take the first steps toward becoming musical. This week’s activities have been designed to put the media spotlight on the fun and many proven benefits of making music and on NAMM Members as the avenue for people to get started.

One important element to the weeklong effort is NAMM’s social media campaign called “Pledge to Play.” The initiative was re-launched on Facebook on New Year’s day 2012 to encourage people of all ages to make resolutions to play an instrument this year. Although an entire day will be devoted to motivating people to take the online pledge during 2012 National Wanna Play Music Week, NAMM is hoping that its Members will support the “Pledge to Play” starting now by promoting it on their Facebook pages. Just post a sentence into the status on your facebook page encouraging non-players to take NAMM’s “Pledge to Play” and post it with this link:!/wannaplaybynamm?sk=app_290745734296638.

Here is an outline of upcoming events and how your business can participate and inspire new music makers during the week. Consider this your Member participation kit to help you organize your National Wanna Play Music Week events, arrange a Music Monday event at your store engaging people to play instruments, leverage National Wanna Play Music Week as a promotional event for your store, and maximize your store’s visibility through public relations outreach. If you would like to promote National Wanna Play Music Week on your website or elsewhere online, please click here to download web banners, this year’s logo and images you can use to promote music making. You can also replace your profile picture on Facebook with this image to promote your support. There are also template press releases attached at the end of this article that you can customize with your information regarding your National Wanna Play Music Week activities and promotions during National Music Store Weekend May 11-13, 2012, and send to your local newspapers, television news stations and radio outlets previous to that week.

Here is what is in the works for the week of May 7-13 and some ways you can participate:

Music Monday, May 7, 2012

NAMM will join the Coalition of Music Education in Canada in its eighth annual Music Monday event May 7, 2012, to demonstrate the importance of music education programs throughout North America, and to celebrate the many proven benefits of playing music for people of all ages. Music stores, schools, businesses, organizations and individuals are encouraged to play a song or NAMM’s designated Music Monday song called “I Wanna Play!” anytime or at the same time (designated by the Coalition of Music Education in Canada) on that day. To organize and promote a Music Monday event at your store or organization, download the music and lyrics here and download the kit on how to organize and promote your Music Monday event here. Make sure to register your event with NAMM by e-mailing NAMM also encourages you to post a short video of your Music Monday event on the WannaplaybyNAMM facebook page at

Tuesday ‘Tech Day,’ May 8, 2012

Tuesday, NAMM will pay homage to the new and innovative music making technology that is being used today, conduct media outreach efforts and feature specific products that could help people break through their misperceptions about not being musical.

Wednesday ‘Unexpected Musicians’ Poll, May 9, 2012

You’d be surprised by how many celebrities (including actors, authors, sports figures and politicians) also play instruments! NAMM will be issuing a public poll to see who people’s favorite high-profile “Unexpected Musician” is and will promote the outcome on while encouraging the public to try out the Dealer Locator tool on the site to find music stores and lessons near them.

Thursday ‘Pledge to Play,’ May 10, 2012

Social media has proven to be an effective marketing and promotional tool and this year, NAMM is continuing to host its “Pledge to Play” initiative on Facebook as a way for people to commit to playing an instrument. Encourage the people who “like” your Facebook page by posting your support of this effort along with this link to the “Pledge to Play”:!/wannaplaybynamm?sk=app_290745734296638. In addition, NAMM would like to offer tools and resources in order to start playing music. If you are a retailer that offers online video lessons or tutorials, please submit the links to Kymberly Drake, NAMM’s PR and Social Media Manager, at These free resources could be the turning point for people to become life-long musicians!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ‘National Music Store Weekend’ May 11-13, 2012

This entire weekend is dedicated to the music retail store and will feature national public relations efforts highlighting the benefits of people visiting their local music store for all of their musical needs. NAMM encourages you to download the National Music Store template press release attached at the bottom of this article, fill in your specific information, and circulate it on Monday May 7, 2012 to your local media outlets (newspapers, television, radio) for their consideration leading up to the weekend. This event can serve as an in-store promotional activity if you decide to offer discounts on merchandise or music lessons or other types of incentives to consumers.

Here’s to a fun and active National Wanna Play Music Week! If you’d like to communicate your overall involvement and week’s activities to NAMM, please send a summary of activities to or post videos and photos to the WannaplaybyNAMM Facebook page:

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