Taylor Tickner

Performance Info
Anaheim C.C.
B/C Patio Stage
Friday, January 24, 2014 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Artist Info
Taylor Tickner: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Ukulele
Artist Bio: 

Taylor Tickner is a seventeen year old singer/songwriter/musician from Temecula, CA. A Country/Pop artist, whose vocals have been described as powerful with a sweet vibe, is currently working on her EP. "Country Boy" and "Tell Me' are raw acoustic songs written by Taylor that are currently on itunes. When not songwriting or working on school studies, Taylor spends her time playing at gigs around Southern California you might catch her playing piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele or her banjo. She recently had the opportunity to compete in NACMAI in Tennesse and won vocalist of the year in March 2013 and loved the music scene in Nashville.              


As for what makes my performance memorable for NAMM show audience? I included an article below I found written on my performance this last summer at the San Diego Fair. 

"This weekend Megan and I went out to the San Diego County Fair in search for some fun and we ended up stumbling upon a couple artists that stood out from the rest, specifically Taylor Tickner, a country singer /song writer from Temecula. I was impressed with Taylor's angelic voice and it seemed that the other fair-goers within earshot of her performance thought so as well. I was a witness to a bit of a traffic jam of people stopping dead in its tracks to see where that voice was coming. This artist is definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on!"

Jen San Diego Music TV

"Landslide" cover by Taylor Tickner-vocals & guitar
"Country Boy" by Taylor Tickner
"Tell Me" by Taylor Tickner
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