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Friday, January 25 - 3 pm
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Compact System: Versarray Pro

The new Crest Audio Versarray Pro powered line array system is comprised of powered line array elements and subwoofers, each featuring high-efficiency Class-D power modules with integrated digital processing and Dante networking. Each fully articulated array element includes a bi-amped power section with the user’s choice of primary and redundant Dante networked inputs, primary Dante with redundant analog inputs, or traditional analog inputs. The DSP component of each array element includes a full processing chain featuring expanded FIR filters for unsurpassed vocal intelligibility, all assignable and controllable via the network or the rear panel controls on each cabinet. Our exclusive Univent technology provides unlimited crossflow ventilation through the subwoofer cabinets, keeping the power and processing sections cool and ensuring top low frequency performance under the most demanding conditions. The Versarray Pro system’s updated and improved flying and rigging hardware simplifies configuration with easy mounting and angle adjustments for a fully articulated array. The versatile flying hardware allows subwoofers to be flown over or behind the array hang, allowing designers broad options in the placement and configuration of the system for their specific requirements. Outfitted with ribbon drivers for extended high-frequency response and clarity, matched with 12-inch dual voice coil woofers and bi-amped via custom internal power amplifiers, the Versarray Pro system provides outstanding performance in a self-contained and efficient package for live venues, rental and staging applications, or fixed installations.

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Portable System: RBN 112

The Peavey RBN 112 Powered Loudspeaker combines the pristine detail and articulation of ribbon drivers with an efficient Class-D power amplifier and Peavey’s legendary reliability .  Ribbon drivers have been used for years in recording studio near-field monitors due to their excellent high frequency response and vocal clarity. The RBN 112 powered enclosure brings that same level of performance to live applications, matching the ribbon driver element with a 12-inch dual voice coil neodymium Scorpion woofer, bi-amped by its highly efficient onboard 1,200 watt Class D power section.  Peavey’s exclusive Univent technology provides directional ventilation, allowing air to flow in one port and out the other for superior cooling of the speaker and power amp components.  Univent, along with Peavey’s proven field replacement basket technology, ensures years of trouble-free high power performance from the RBN tops and subwoofers. 

Integral to each RBN 112 is a full 96kHZ sample rate DSP section, allowing users to quickly select the application or orientation of the speaker via an LCD screen and user interface on the rear of the enclosure.  The RBN 215 powered subwoofer accompanying the RBN 112 powered top element in the Loudspeaker System Showcase features dual 15-inch woofers driven by its internal power amplifier to 2,000 watts peak output, processed and managed by its own DSP section.  Each input features digital infrasonic high-pass filters, a 9-band graphic EQ and delay.  Each output provides a compressor/limiter and fourth-order high-pass/low-pass filters for setting crossover outputs.

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