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Thursday, January 24 - 12:40 pm
Friday, January 25 - 3:20 pm
Saturday, January 26 - 12 pm
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Compact System: VIO L208

VIO L208 is a 2-way active line array system equipped with dual 8-inch neodymium woofers and a 1.4-inch (3-inch voice coil) neodymium compression driver. The transducers are positioned behind an all-in-one panel that acts as a phase plug and a high-frequency horn. The waveguide behind this panel contributes to the creation of a cylindrical wavefront, enhancing high-frequency throw distance.

Each module is driven by a class D Digipro G3 900-watt amplifier module with auto-range power supply unit (PSU). Advanced sound processing with FIR filters has a highly coherent emission. The pre-amp module is also equipped with a digital optical isolation, helping to guarantee interference-free input signal. The accompanying S118R bass reflex subwoofer at the Loudspeaker System Showcase has been crafted to bring impressive low end to VIO line array systems.

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Portable System: Ingenia IG3T and companion SUB18H

The INGENIA series reflects a longtime experience in acoustics, mechanics, power electronics and DSP programming, creating an unprecedented active speaker: compact, modular, flyable, user-friendly and incredibly smart. The INGENIA IG3 T is equipped with 2 premium 10" low frequency transducers and 1 1.4"compression driver.

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