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Thursday, January 24 - 1:40 pm
Friday, January 25 - 4:40 pm
Saturday, January 26 - 10:40 am
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Compact System: HALO-C

The HALO-C compact line array is headlined by a proprietary 7.8-inch AMT high frequency drive unit on a waveguide, linked via the company’s signature crossover to a high-power neodymium 8-inch LF drive unit. The true plane wave output of the AMT drive unit and waveguide combination yields a precise, well-behaved vertical pattern, allowing seamless array integration.

The rigging is designed for both flown and ground configurations, and it allows arrays of up to 24 elements to be assembled while retaining a 10:1 safety factor. For optimum results, HALO-C is powered with the EM Acoustics DQ10 or DQ20 amplifiers, or the AQ-10 power amplifier in conjunction with the DSC48 system controller (for loudspeaker filter slopes and protection).

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Portable System: ESP-8

The ESP-8 is a two-way powered loudspeaker using a 8-inch (2-inch voice coil) neodymium LF transducer and a 2-inch (diaphragm), coaxially-loaded HF transducer. The coaxial drive unit arrangement provides a uniform 100-degree conical dispersion pattern, with very smooth off-axis response and no parallax effects that would be present with separate LF and HF drive units. 

The ESP-8 utilizes class D amplifier technology that delivers total power of 1,200 watts RMS between the two drive units. Separate channels drive the LF and HF transducers, allowing it to make the best use of the latest DSP for both performance as well as reliable limiting. All functions are handled by the DSP, including crossover, time alignment and drive unit protection.

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