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Thursday, January 24 - 3:20 pm
Friday, January 25 - 3:40 pm
Saturday, January 26 - 12:20 pm
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Compact System: VERA20

The VERA20 was conceived in response to market demand for a reduction in size of available 2 x 10-inch line source arrays. Two new transducers were developed to achieve this goal: a long-excursion 10-inch woofer and 3.0-inch coil diameter compression driver. These drivers, along with a new waveguide and lower frequency crossover point, ensure precise and uniform coverage.

The rigging geometry is unsurpassed in its mechanical design, ease of operation and accuracy, featuring logarithmic angle progression rather than the standard linear allows the projected vertical dispersion to be precisely matched to the listening area. Available with field changeable 80 and 120-degree waveguides ensure you will always have the most appropriate horizontal dispersion. Full-range array’s may be configured by including the VERA S32 cardioid subwoofer which uses a forward-firing 18-inch and a rear-firing 14-inch driver.

The VERA20 may be paired with any other TW AUDiO sub, including the 2 x 21-inch BSX.

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Portable System: T20

The T20 is a compact, slender enclosure with 2 x 10-inch LF and one, 3.0-inch coil diameter, compression driver. The driver layout and sophisticated internal passive crossover enable the T20 to deliver equal dispersion characteristics regardless of the cabinet orientation. This consistent behavior allows it to be flexibly deployed in a variety of situations without compromising performance.

The T20’s standard horn has a dispersion of 90 x 50-degrees, which, without using any tools, can be rotated or exchanged, for a 60 x 40-degree horn in under 20 seconds. 

Today, the T20 is paired with our B18 1 x 18-inch subwoofer.

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