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Compact System: IWAC220P

The IWAC220P is the first active line array product from Verity Audio. Each cabinet is loaded with dual-10-inch woofers and dual-1-inch-exit, horn-loaded compression drivers. The result of careful mechanical design and driver positioning has minimized the need to use electronic correction of group delay for phase correction, yielding the company’s newest generation of high-resolution audio.

The plug-in amplifier module mounted on the rear of the cabinet facilitates quick repair or replacement even when hanging in an array. Each of the drivers has a separate DSP and amplifier (2 x 250 watts and 2 x 800 watts, both RMS), allowing precise control of interaction between drivers. DSP control is via the Verity V-NET USB network management system. Innovative hardware allows for presetting splay angles while the array is on the ground, reducing set-up time. 

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Portable System: AC12.3P

The AC12.3P is an active arrayable and steerable column composed of 12 x 3-inch full-range neodymium drivers driven by four amplifiers of 190 watts RMS. Horizontal coverage is 120 degrees, and internal DSP provides precise adjustment of vertical coverage and the equalization of overall frequency response. DSP control is via the Verity V-NET USB network management system.

The portable, high SPL (123 dB at 1 watt/1 meter, program) design allows up to eight AC12.3P cabinets to be arrayed vertically to create a 24-foot linear source effective at distances up to 330 feet. Coupled with Verity SUB136TP active subwoofers, the AC12.3P meets a range of portable uses, including medium and small concerts, meeting rooms and fixed installations where minimal visibility is required.

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