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Demo Times:
Thursday, January 24 - 4:20 pm
Friday, January 25 - 12:40 pm
Saturday, January 26 - 3:20 pm
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Portable System: Incubus

Designed to be the best dance club system available, the Incubus is comprised of: a three-way, bi-amped, sculpted Air Array for the mid-high element; two compact-folded, horn-loaded Hyperfolds for upper bass; and two triple 21” hybrid, horn-loaded, bandpass Incubus Subs. The Air Array mid-high enclosure provides constant SPL at all distances, with all frequencies arriving simultaneously, wherever you are within its coverage. The Hyperfold’s four high excursion 15” low frequency drivers can be relied on for high impact mid-bass, noteworthy articulation and extraordinary efficiency. When arrayed, the upper bass output exceeds the measured 148 dB maximum output from one unit. Pairing the Hyperfold with the Incubus Sub results in a combined low frequency power handling of 20,000 Watts AES, ultra-high sensitivity, and lightning-quick impulse response to deliver the highest quality of unadulterated sound, in a fully immersive aural experience. Color customization is also available.

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