Analytics for Believe in Music Exhibitors

How to View and Export Leads

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Analytics for Believe in Music Exhibitors

As a digital event, Believe in Music Week offers a unique opportunity for lead acquisition and follow up.

To begin, click on the drop down next to your name and profile picture. Select Exhibitor Center and then the brand page you would like to access. When you enter the backend view of your page, you will see "Welcome to the Exhibitor Center" with a quick dashboard of analytics of your company in the middle of the screen. There you can see your company profile views, number of people who bookmarked you, number of contacts made, number of contacts scored (rated), and the average score of contacts.

You can export your brand's leads via the Team's Contact list at any time. The video above provides a step-by-step walk through. 

Click on "Export all" to download an Excel sheet of your complete contacts. This Excel file will provide you with the details of leads who have met with or connected with your brand and staff via chat along with any notes, scores or tags that your staff has added to the attendee profile.

Be sure to have your sales team utilize the scoring, tagging and note features when they are viewing a connection's profile page. These items will show up in your report for each lead.

For example, you can score a 1 if the person is not a good lead and score up to 5 to show a valuable lead.

You can add tags to indicate certain products, areas, marketing campaigns and more

Add any additional thoughts or follow up items in the notes section.

Go to 'My Event', select 'My Networking', click into the profile and the score, tag, and note features are in the bottom right.

Please reach out to us at or at the Help Desk with any questions!