Exhibitor Calendar for Believe in Music Week

To get your brand prepared for the online experience, please review this exhibitor-specific overview of dates.

Watch the "Using and Optimizing the Exhibitor Center" demo video and "Navigating, Page Tips, Getting Discovered, Invites" webinar, as well as reference our exhibitor resources to create a powerful brand presence with ease.

Happening Now!

Register—Look for the special invitation email to register yourself for Believe in Music Week

Access the Exhibitor Center

Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Swapcard (Believe in Music Week’s platform) with a link to access your brand page(s) within the Exhibitor Center. For more details, click here.

  • ‘Add Team Members’ to each brand page. (Please note: They must be register before you can add them as a team member.)
  • Remember, all team members can ‘edit’ your brand pages.

Build Your Page

Watch the Believe in Music ‘Optimizing Exhibitor Center’ demo video and use our resource guide to create a powerful brand presence with ease.

Invite Your Customers

Use our members-only invite system with list upload and personalized message options, to invite your customers and prospects to register for Believe in Music Week.

Gear TV Video Frame Ads Due

If your package includes this option, please design assets as 16x9, 1920x1080 Photoshop, BMP or JPEG file, send to katem@namm.org

Homepage Alerts and Homepage Banner Ads Due

Gear TV session title, description, premiere day/time (please identify if live streaming) due, send to katem@namm.org

  • Session ‘YouTube or Vimeo Links’ are due January 8th.

January 8

10-minute video segments for Gear TV due - supply YouTube or Vimeo link

January 11 – Marketplace Opens - Book Meetings and Engage Attendees

Brand experience pages will become visible to all attendees so have your page show ready to engage attendees via chat and book meetings with NAMM members, buyers and media—but no need to “staff your booth” as convenient email notifications let you know when someone is asking to meet or chat with your brand, plus you can still make real-time changes to your brand experience page any time.


  • Brand Page ‘meetings’ portal will be open for members, buyers, media to ‘request’ a meeting. Meetings will not take place until the week of Jan 18–22
  • All attendees can request meetings with other individuals (meetings will take place Jan 18–22)
  • It is up to you when and who you meet with—plus you can meet with any attendee, any time during the event, even outside of published meeting hours


  • Attendees can bookmark companies, sessions, and anything posted on your brand page to start building their event


  • Brand Page Chat and Attendee-to-Attendee Chat will be turned on – although we feel volume will be low until Jan 18–22.
  • NAMM will be communicating to attendees to manage chat response time expectations.
  • It’s recommended to post a message in the Information section of your brand page to manage chat response time
  • We also recommend working on a Q&A ‘script’ to answer questions or redirect attendees quickly and stay organized

January 12

30-second commercials on Gear TV due

  • The ‘Meetings’ functionality will be introduced to the platform/your team in late December and a Webinar will be available for your Sales Team (team members) to attend/ask questions.

January 18

Content begins with NAMM Foundation sessions

Brand Events/Sessions begin

January 20

Product Preview

Featuring a dynamically produced compilation of videos from innovative companies, highlighting new products through demos, spec videos, and interviews.

Global Livestream

Believe in Music Week will feature a day-long video stream on January 20, highlighting the rich diversity of musical performances from around the world, with more than 40 emerging and established artists from 23 countries and six continents joining together for 12-hours of livestream concert performances.

January 21–22

NAMM Sessions / Education begins

All Believe in Music TV channels premier – Gear, Artist, Believe

January 23 - February 28 – Follow-Up

Download attendee data any time during or after the event in the Team Contacts section —- select Believe in Music Week content will be available through the end of February so your page will still be active and collecting attendee data—notifications will continue to let you know if someone is looking to meet or chat with your brand