Get Discovered at Believe in Music Week

Ensure your brand reaches the audience at Believe in Music Week. Just as you perfect your booth at The NAMM Show, the best brands will plan ahead for Believe in Music Week, with an understanding of how the various discovery tools work.

We have compiled resources on how to set up the technical aspect of your page. And in this article, we will outline some best conceptual practices to set your event up for success.

Tips for Search

As a digital event, search is a key method to connect buyers and sellers. Your brand’s Information section will be searchable, so be sure to include terms such as products you make, additional brands and what you are best known for.

Select all product categories relevant to your brand and add up to 20 keywords searches. Please note: List each term on their own, without commas or other characters.

For keywords, consider your audience’s specific interests. Keywords outside of the scope of your brand are not a best practice and have not been shown to increase traffic. Learn how to add keywords.

Additional Brands and Searching

Importantly, to index your additional brands in search, be sure to include their names in the Information section of the main brand and/or add them as a keyword. Learn more about adding additional brands.

How Search Works

The search on the platform is streamlined to include the following sections:

Search attendees and send direct messages to invite them to your booth or event. Attendee search includes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Company

When attendees search for brands, the following is queried:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Please note: Special characters in the name will be ignored. (I.e., "ABC" instead of "A.B.C.")

When attendees search the schedule for relevant events, search includes:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Exhibitor's name linked to the session

Product search will look at:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Exhibitor's name linked to the item

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways to maximize opportunities to be discovered during the new online experience. Extend your reach through sponsorships, with options for every budget and goal.

Talk to your Tradeshow Representative to learn more about ways to maximize your experience at Believe in Music Week!

  • Session opportunities showcase your content, brand story, and your page
  • Limited banner advertising opportunities are available on the homepage highlighting your brand and linking back to your page
  • Commercials and video frame ads are available on Gear TV, showcasing your message through NAMM-curated content
  • Another turnkey way to promote your logo and brand message is by sponsoring a NAMM-produced education session, or NAMM Foundation special event, providing advanced training and forward-thinking discussions across industry topics.
  • You can also consider adding more features to your brand experience page, such as additional products, sessions, along with custom billboard ads and backgrounds

View On-Demand Webinar

Our platform experts held a webinar demoing the platform and answering exhibitors’ questions.

To view the complete webinar and selected clips, please visit our Exhibitor Resources Page. To view a walkthrough of the techincal aspects of setting up your page, view our Using the Exhibitor Center page.

January 11: Prepare Your Presence

While Believe in Music Week fully kicks off on Jan 18, we encourage all exhibitors to prepare for the soft launch on Jan 11. Attendees will be able to book meetings, bookmark your brand experience page, as well as add events, education sessions and more to their schedules.

We recommend all exhibitors add a header image, company information, and any essential information in anticipation of this Jan 11 soft launch. Utilize these pre-show dates to book meetings and develop your brand presence. Send direct messages and invite relevant attendees to bookmark your events and page as they plan their event. 

NAMM recommends that you:

  • Include links to social media, and promote free registration to your audience so they can visit your brand experience page and attend Believe in Music Week.
  • Include contact details for attendees to learn more.
  • Maximize use of all your available products, and select one primary and two subcategories so that they are searchable in the product section.
  • List all additional brands to show all  connections within your brand.
  • Schedule time for team members to be available to chat with attendees during the event.
  • Set a plan to followup with all leads promptly after event.

View tutorial videos, schedule, specifications and more on our Exhibitor Resources Page.

Book Your Meetings

With the platform opening, your brand can begin booking meetings. Be sure to have your team update their profiles and utilize the Meet Attendees page to search for and chat with people they would like to schedule a meeting with. Meeting requests from Buyers, Members and Media will appear in the Exhibitor Center for confirmation and assignment to team members. Learn more about booking meetings in this video.

Invite Your Team and Customers

Invite your team and customers to Believe in Music Week.

Learn more though this helpful article and video walkthrough.

Promote Your Page

Discover new tools to help promote the registration opportunity to your customers, colleagues and audience, with a social media tile generator, logos and more. View our Promo Kit.

Any questions? We’re here to help.

View our Exhibitor Resources page for the latest information or contact your NAMM representative.