Meetings and Notifications

Thanks for your support of Believe in Music Week. The following are additional tips to maximize your experience.

The opportunity to book meetings will open on January 11, and there are a variety of ways to utilize notifications and other tools to help manage your meeting schedule.

Brand Page Meetings

Brand Page Meetings will run for 12 hours, 7 am–7 pm PST, from Monday, January 18 through Friday, January 22. The time slots are segmented in 30 minute blocks, but there is no limit to the number of meetings brands can schedule during each time slot.

Brand pages cannot make their time slots unavailable, but your team can deny a meeting request or redirect the request to a team member for a different time.

Please note: Brands cannot receive meeting requests from regular attendees—only buyers, NAMM members and media.

Attendee-to-Attendee Meetings

Attendee-to-attendee meetings will run all 24 hours throughout Believe in Music Week (Jan 18–22). These time slots are also in 30 minute blocks.

Attendees can make themselves "unavailable" for any or all of their meeting times if they wish.

We recommend staff update their profile as soon as they gain access.

Key point: In order to collect data when your team members have attendee-to-attendee meetings outside of your page, the manager of your brand page will need to turn on "Share Contacts with Team." This option is located in the Exhibitor Center/Your Team section.


Push notifications are sent automatically by the platform to improve the user experience. The organizer does not have access to edit, activate or deactivate them.

Features include:

  • New message: Message content sent via the chat
  • New connection: Full Name is now a connection
  • Meeting request sent: Full Name just sent you a meeting request, reply now!
  • Meeting request accepted: Full Name has accepted your meeting request
  • Meeting request refused: Full Name has declined your meeting request
  • Meeting request canceled: Full Name has canceled their meeting request
  • Meeting canceled: Full Name has canceled your meeting
  • Relation request: Full Name wants to get in touch with you
  • Session Reminder: Session Name will start soon, go grab a place!
  • Invitation to Rate: Session Name Share feedback with the organizer
  • Meeting Reminder: Your meeting with Full Name starts soon ! Location.

The aforementioned notifications are sent:

  • 10 minutes before a session begins (if the participant is registered)
  • After a session the participant is registered for, they receive a notification to rate the session
  • 10 minutes before a meeting with another attendee
  • When the participant receives a message
  • When a meeting request, cancelation, or refusal is made
  • When a connection request is made, accepted or declined.


All of your customers, prospects, colleagues, friends and family are able to participate in the new online experience. Use our members-only invite system to upload a contact list to send bulk invites with a personalized message, and use our promotional kit to brand your outreach. Learn more.

Getting Discovered

The new Believe in Music Week platform has powerful search features to help brands maximize ROI. Review tips to make sure your products, additional brands and other key terms are discoverable during Believe in Music Week. Learn more.

Watch the "Using and Optimizing the Exhibitor Center" demo video and reference our exhibitor resources to create a powerful brand presence with ease.

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