Using the Exhibitor Center

How To Build Your Brand Experience Page | Step-by-step instructions to maximize your brand presence during Believe in Music Week

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The Exhibitor Center is the place to create and maintain your Brand Experience and where you can manage your meetings and leads. You can review and edit your information and content at any time before, during and after Believe in Music Week.

Accessing the Exhibitor Center

Make sure you are registered

If you haven't yet registered for Believe in Music Week, please contact NAMM or your authorized contact. You will need to request an invitation to register.

Log in to Swapcard

Start by going to and entering your email address. If you already have a password, enter it here. Or click on 'SEND ME A MAGIC LINK'.

Magic Link Email

If you selected the magic link, you will get an email from Swapcard with a link. Click on the link to proceed.

Create a Password

Add a password so that you can log in next time using a password.

Navigate to your Brand Page

Select your name on top right and choose Exhibitor Center from the drop-down menu. Then choose the Brand Experience name to edit. Click on 'Company Profile' to start editing your page and products.

Header and Logo

Adding a Header Image

Stadium, Venue, Theater and Club levels

Add a still image that will display at the top of your Brand Experience. Click the + sign to upload your image.

Images should be 16x9 aspect ratio at least 1200 pixels across.

Video Header

Stadium, Venue and Theater levels only

A video header will automatically play whenever someone visits your brand page. It will replace the image header.

To add video, select the Video Platform (YouTube or Vimeo) where the video is hosted and paste the link copied from platform for the video or live stream into the Video ID.  

This video can be changed out to another prerecorded or live stream video any time you'd like. Please note that pre-recorded videos will start at the beginning for each visit to your page whereas live stream presentations will begin at the current time.

Add Your Logo

All Levels

Click the + sign and upload a logo that is a rectangle landscape image, 400 px x 200 px. Logos will appear on many sections of the site including Exhibitor Search, Products, Giveaways and Additional Brands.



Brand Name

If you need to edit the name of your brand experience page you can also do so here.


Company Information

Click the 'Edit' button next to 'Information' to edit your company information. Enter a description of your company. You can tell your brand's story and include any details that you'd like attendees to know about your company.

You can use rich text formatting in this area and include links.

Product Categories

Select the product categories that apply to your brand from the dropdown list. You can select as many categories as you like.


Keywords are searchable terms used on the exhibitor search page. You can add up to 20 keywords.

You can also use Keywords to list your additional brands, so that they are searchable. 

Please note: Only use your brand name(s) as keywords. Any other company name listed will be removed.

Social Media

Add Social Media

There are many social networks that you can connect attendees to. Paste the link to each network you'd like to display on your page. You can add links (ID or handle) for as many as you'd like. The networks will appear on the brand experience as clickable logos.

Contact Details

How To Edit

Select 'EDIT' next to 'Contact Details' to edit telephone, email, web site, and address information for your brand.

Adding Products


Available to Stadium (100 products), Venue (30), Theater (10), Club (5) levels

Products are visible on Brand Experience and Product search pages. Get started by selecting 'Products' in the left column menu and clicking the 'ADD' button.

Next, select the category, add product name and description then click 'CREATE'.

You can add an image or image gallery for the product. Each image will be square (400x400 sizing preferred). You can crop the image after you upload it. Use the star icon on the image to select the image that will appear first in your gallery.

To complete the listing, add the subcategory for the product (select up to 2). You can also add MSRP, product line or family, and a link to the product page or demo on your website.

Product Presentation Update

We have been working closely with our platform provider, Swapcard, to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to choose the order of the products presented on their brand experience pages. Unfortunately, this new feature will not be ready in time for Believe in Music Week, and at this time, it is not possible to curate the order of your products as you upload. We apologize that we are not able to offer this feature.

We recommend assigning search terms to your products, which will categorize them in the product section (accessible from main navigation) and be suggested to attendees depending on their profile and preferences.

Adding Additional Brands

Available to Stadium, Venue and Theater levels

You can add additional brands or subsidiaries that will be visible on your Brand Experience page and attendees can click through to get additional information.

To add, select 'Additional Brands' from left column menu to get started. Each Additional Brand can have it's own category and contact information.

Please note that if you have purchased additional brand pages, we will connect them to your page in a separate section and that you do not need to add in additional brands.

*IMPORTANT: In order to have your additional brand(s) searchable on the Exhibitor Search page, please add to 'Keywords'.

Adding Giveaways

Giveaways available to Stadium, Venue, Theater and Club

Select "Giveaways" from side menu, then click "ADD"

Write in a title of your giveaway and a description and click "CREATE"

Add a photo or photo gallery. 

Next add instructions on how to enter, the website for an entry form and limits if applicable, as well as specific terms and conditions.

More details on how to host a giveaway, here.

Adding Documents

Adding a File

Upload files like brochures, PDFs, and more for attendees to consider as they make their buying decisions. The documents will be accessible by all attendees via your Brand Experience page.

  • File Types: pdf, doc,docx,ppt,pptx,png or jpeg (JPEG should be smaller than 1 MB )
  • Title: 80 characters
  • Overview: Short description less than 160 characters

Adding a Link

Make sure you cut/paste URL into file field.

Title and Overview are the same as file uploads.

Your Team

Available to Stadium, Venue, Theater and Club levels

Click "See" button to view your Team Members and add additional staff.

Add “Team Members” to your brand experience page. 

Team members will appear on the brand page on the team list and are connected to the brand.

They will have access to the Exhibitor Center and will be able to edit the page and schedule meetings. They are essentially “working the booth”.

Please make sure to invite your staff to register for the event. In order to connect them to your team, they must be registered for Believe in Music Week first.


Create an Ad

Stadium Level only

You can create an ad for your Brand Experience page which will display in the left column on desktop or underneath on mobile.  Ads are 9x16 aspect ratio images ideally sized at 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high.

Click 'ADD AN AD' in the Advertising pane on the top right. Upload the image for your ad and then select where you'd like the ad to redirect to when clicked on. You can redirect to an external URL or to one of your Products, Additional Brands or Giveaways.


Background Image

Background Image

Stadium and Venue Levels only

Add a background image to customize your Brand Experience page. Image must be a 2560x1600px (16:10 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.

You can change out the background image at any time.


Watch these two videos to learn more about how to have one-on-one meetings and group meetings.

Please note: Brands cannot receive meeting requests from regular attendees—only buyers, NAMM members and media

Team's Contacts

Once the event begins, you can export your brand's leads via the Team's Contact list at any time. The excel file will provide you with the details of leads who have met with or connected with your brand and staff via chat along with any notes, scores or tags that your staff has added to the attendee profile.

Be sure to have your sales team utilize the scoring, tagging and note features when they are viewing a connection's profile page. These items will show up in your report for each lead.

  • You can score a 1 if the person is not a good lead and score up to 5 to show a valuable lead.
  • You can add tags to indicate certain products, areas, marketing campaigns and more
  • Add any additional thoughts or follow up items in the notes section.

Go to 'My Event', select 'My Networking', click into the profile and the score, tag, and note features are in the bottom right.