Salesmen-Sales Reps

Robert Johnson served as a sales manager for Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI) when the company first acquired the noted violinmakers William Lewis & Son. As a salesman, he worked closely with Harry Benson, who was also interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program thanks to Robert. William... more
Robert J. Jones traveled on a tour bus with his father and sang gospel music together for many years as the Song Fellows. They recorded for Homeland Records in Nashville and performed around the country. In 1957, Robert’s father opened Valley Music Company in Bakersfield, CA, where Robert worked... more
Phil Jost has had a very interesting career in music as a musician before joining the sales team at St. Louis Music in 1974 and thus entering the music products industry. In his early days, being classically trained on the piano, Phil played keyboards and early synthesizers for dances, concerts and... more
Bob Kane was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, known as the band instrument capitol of the world. He played cornet in school and in fact it was his high school band director who told Bob of an opening at Buescher Band Instrument Company. Bob began working in the customer service department but... more
Bob King worked at Hal’s Music in Mountain View, California after returning from Vietnam in the early 1970s.  He was introduced to the wholesaling side of the industry and soon gained a job as a rep for Coast Wholesale.  He stayed with the company for over 20 years and was there when Kaman Music... more
Eddie Kramer began his long career as a record salesman in the San Francisco Bay Area before opening his own record store in the 1960s. As the Beatle Boom began, Eddie was selling a few guitars and some accessories, which were about 10% of his business at the San Carlos-based Eddie Kramer’s World... more
Ted Krumwiede was a veteran of the piano industry working for Kimball and Story & Clark in the important re-birth of the piano business following World War II. Ted had training and a real passion for marketing and found success telling the great stories of the companies we worked for. Ted was... more
Ernie Lansford has served our industry well. With his attention to his customers and dedication to their satisfaction, Ernie has earned the respect and friendship of many – both suppliers and dealers. As a sales rep for St. Louis Music and for Peavey, Ernie was well traveled, which allowed him to... more
Ron Larcombe formed a rock band with his friends while in high school and fell in love with music. He toured the United States and Canada with several tribute bands before deciding he wanted to try selling drums and other musical products. Ron worked in music retail at The Drum Shop in 1984,... more
John Larson worked in piano retail in and around North Dakota before opening his own store. He worked the area and became involved in the music programs and lessons within the community. He also became a well respected member of the National Association of Piano Travelers and would rarely miss... more