Keyboards-Sound Synthesis

Lester Abrams is the songwriter who teamed up with Michael McDonald to pen the Doobie Brothers hit "Minute by Minute."  As a teenager and playing drums, Lester's first band was the El Doradoe.  He later switched to keyboard and after playing with a few other bands landed in the innovative band... more
Mike Adams has a background in mechanical engineering as well as manufacturing, which seemed to fit perfectly when he began working with Bob Moog back in 2002. Bob was looking to expand his small company and to finally complete work on the Minimoog Voyager, which he has been working on for several... more
Don Airey is widely known as the current keyboardist for Deep Purple, a gig he has had since 2002. His career spanned the development of electronic instrumentation, which grew as his own career did over the years.  In his early work with Gary Moore, Don played the Wurlitzer electric piano, which... more
Will Alexander worked for Oberheim in the heyday of the synthesizer boom of the 1970s. He helped engineer the Oberheim Four Voice System as well as the popular OB-X units. He soon realized the role computers could play in music making and by using the early Apple products he began engineering... more
Marco Alpert has had a fascinating career in the music industry and lucky for the NAMM Oral History collection he shared many of his stories with us. Marco was an electronic music composer in Los Angeles when he happened to meet the two founders of E-mu. Marco was hired to promote the innovative... more
Mark Amentt was brought into the music products industry to help direct the then, newly established AIMM group, to better serve its members.  The group soon grew as did its noted annual meetings, which take place the day before the Anaheim and Summer NAMM Shows begin.  In recent years, Mark joined... more
Charles Anderson displayed his love for music education beginning at a young age.  In fact, he was hired at the age of 15 to teach while he was still in high school.  Over the years he expanded into group music lessons such as the work he has done with Yamaha over the years.  As Director of... more
Craig Anderton was among a very small group of engineers at the dawn of the synthesizer revolution during the 1970s that was in the position to report, educate and compose music based on this new technology as it was being created. His monthly articles for Keyboard magazine have become a historic... more
Rod Argent had an idea for a new sound, a new band in a new era of music. After creating a group and writing songs to perform and record, Rod’s dream of a new style of rock was born (with the help of his fellow countrymen, the Beatles). His group, the Zombies, helped change the face of music and... more
Thomas Austin was a key part of the Sherman Clay team for over 40 years!  The store chain focused on pianos; however, Thomas recalls the home organ boom in the 1970s as the company was a Hammond Organ dealer.  The company was formed in San Francisco in 1870 and grew to be the biggest (for a time)... more