Ludwig Drum Company

 John Aldridge has become one of the leading experts on the history of drums, percussion companies, and their products.  As a publisher and editor, John established the magazine “Not So Modern Drummer” and dedicated its pages to the vintage drum, the history of which otherwise might have been lost... more
Gary Asher was working at Nuncie’s Music in Birmingham, Alabama when he provided a tour and interview for the NAMM Oral History program, just three years after the program began. Gary worked in the store as its General Manager for 25 years, all the while teaching drums and percussion and buying and... more
Jim Catalano loved playing drums as a small boy but never imagined a life in music. Jim jumped at the chance to work for the Ludwig Drum Company in the early 1980s. There he became known throughout the industry at trade shows and conferences promoting music education materials as well as the... more
Bill Cooper is an independent sales representative whose background includes a great many experiences that have helped Bill best serve his dealers. Bill, who played French horn in school, taught college, owned a chain of music stores in Ohio and worked for St. Louis Music for 17 years before... more
Bill Crowden was one of the true veterans of the music products industry!  He owned and operated Drums Ltd, one of the hot spots for jazz, symphonic and rock drummers for several decades.  The store was located on Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  When Bill married into the Ludwig family by... more
Karl Dustman, the founder of Dustman and Associates, is one of the country’s foremost experts on drums. Having worked for Ludwig and Gretsch along with others, Karl put his love for drums to use in creating new markets. For years he has also been a strong supporter of the Percussive Arts Society... more
Peter Erskine has played a very visible role within the music industry as a noted drummer, author of method books and in designing several percussive products. He is also a welcomed sight at the NAMM Show where he can be found happily posing for photographs and checking out the latest gear. His... more
Harold Jones has toured with Tony Bennett for over three decades, topping off a solid career as a jazz drummer with a flare for singers. Harold worked with Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald as well as Carman McCrae. His association with the music industry goes back to the 1940s when he endorsed the... more
William F. Ludwig II was proud of the company his father started, largely based on the 1909 patented bass drum pedal, which allowed the drummer to sit down for the first time. Bill followed in his father’s footsteps by leading the company, overseeing the company’s reorganization following World War... more
 Brooke Ludwig Crowden remembers her grandfather, William F. Ludwig, working around the factory inspecting drums and insisting on a quality product.  She remembers the day her father, William F. Ludwig II, took her to meet the Beatles on the occasion of her father presenting Ringo Starr with a... more