Pro Tools

Evan Brooks became interested in electronic musical instruments during the early days of synthesizer development. He worked on MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers for E-MU and other San Francisco Bay Area companies. Soon thereafter, Evan started designing his own technologies... more
Dave Froker began playing guitar as a teenager and after working in another industry saw an ad in Guitar Player Magazine for a job opening at DigiDesign. He enjoyed his work with that company and the team before starting a small company with Peter Gotcher called Topspin.  While the company did not... more
Peter Gotcher played drums in a band with Evan Brooks and they both became interested in creating electronics to change sounds. Together the two school mates created digital audio machines and in 1984 they formed Avid Audio. Later the company became Digidesign and produced a string of innovative... more
Andy Hildebrand is the creator of Auto-Tunes, which has had a big impact on music makers since it was first released in 1997. After a successful career as a scientist, Dr. Hildebrand had an opportunity to form his own company and began working on computer plug-ins related to music, his first love.... more
Ray Williams grew up in Canada in a musical home.  Although his father was a policeman, he was a skilled musician who had several instruments around the house, several of which Ray and his brother picked up and played. By the 1980s Ray was very interested in both music and computers and saw many... more