Advertising and IPR

NAMM Members and Exhibitors should be aware that the unauthorized use in an advertisement of another company's trademarks or copyrights (e.g., company name, brand, logo or slogan) as a reference of depiction or comparison to your own product could be construed as an infringement of intellectual property rights.

For example, the use of another company's trademark or copyright in a marketing phrase in comparative advertising such as "my product is just like or similar to XYZ's" on banners, Web sites and other promotional material could potentially result in expensive and time-consuming litigation.

The laws, standards and regulations governing unfair trade practices, advertising and intellectual property rights and its limitations vary from country to country. Moreover, a patchwork of contradictory and inconsistent national laws may apply to Internet-based advertising on company Web sites.

In order to avoid possible disputes from arising, NAMM urges Members and Exhibitors to show consideration for the intellectual property rights of others and seek appropriate legal advice about the application and scope of national laws prior to creating advertisements.

NAMM strongly opposes infringement of intellectual property rights and is committed to the principle that these rights are to be respected. We appreciate your compliance with NAMM's policies.

NAMM's IPR materials are proprietary products of NAMM and must be referenced in their entirety. Please do not copy or distribute portions of the document that dilute the context of the complete document intent.