NaturalPhil and DJ MSquared

NaturalPhil and DJ MSquared are two internationally traveled professional artists in their own rights. Performing with internationally known names, such as Kelly Rowland, NBC Universal, Don Omar, Walt Disney, BB King and so many more. This duo of mood designers has a natural flow that can't be learned. Their sets are pure adulterated chemistry that is usually unrehearsed collaborations. Shortly after meeting several years ago, NaturalPhil and DJ Msquared had plans to collaborate. Having two busy schedules it took longer than expected, but they were relentless in this pursuit. A couple of years back they attracted the attention of the world's largest drum magazine; Modern Drummer who did a spread that attracted lots of attention( Since then, they have had several individual opportunities bringing them to this moment. This is a unique, talented and highly professional collaboration. This Drummer/DJ mood designing team will bring a new and unique style to the NAAM stage. This is the Drummer/DJ Duo that designs the mood for any occasion. 

Friday, January 22, 2016 - 2:00pm to 2:40pm