Electronic performing artist and international EDM/IDM sensation woodrowgerber continues to make his mark in music through creative innovation and continually blurring lines between musical genres.  What started with an eighteen-year-old known then as Chad Gerber receiving radio airplay for the first time quickly grew into a career full of vibrant music, visual art and an unparalleled sound under a brand new moniker - woodrowgerber. 


Combining music from his background in multiple genres including hip-hop, electronic, folk, classical, rock, and soundscapes that excited the eardrums, woodrowgerber took full control of his career from writing to performance/production and has made every effort necessary to become the chart-topping songwriter he is today. From the Vans Warped Tour to NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion, sessions with multiplatinum selling artists, international radio airplay, and over 100,000 song and album streams per month on average, woodrowgerber has quickly established himself as a musical force. With a firm fan base established after the worldwide release of albums In The Beginning (2013) and XO (2014), the support & love for woodrowgerber’s dynamic & captivating music continued to grow. The music found its way to headlining festivals and finding collaborations in multiple exciting film & art projects touring throughout the USA.


Constructing new atmospheres & textures, woodrowgerber has begun to change the entire landscape of electronic music and how it is consumed through the incorporation and infusion of visual art, photography & film. With his incredible ability to match tones, moods and melodies to the energy in the crowd, woodrowgerber’s sets are unlike any typical fist-pumping electronic club set the majority of electronic fans have become accustomed to.  With massive sounds and a commanding stage presence he has taken everything to the next-level with live production teams to assist in ensuring the night you see woodrowgerber is a night you’ll never forget.


Believing soundly that an artist’s best work should always be their current work, he has taken his passion, creativity and true love of his craft to new heights while writing, producing and recording his music & vocals for the upcoming release of his 3rd full-length album “Faceless Kings” available fall 2015 followed by his European “Gypsy Electronic Tour”. Inspired now more than ever before, the next chapter ahead is always the most exciting one for woodrowgerber and the very best is still yet to come.

Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 1:00pm to 1:40pm