Paul Childers

Blending Pop, R&B, and Soul, Paul Childers is leading a new breed of Singer/Songwriters and Guitarists. Hailing from Nashville, he is trying to challenge everything you thought you knew about the future of music. He finds a way to blur the lines cast between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix styles of guitar playing, a Motown rhythm section, and Pop vocal melodies.

Childers brings a sense of intimacy to the stage. This could be in part to his approach to songwriting, which is also quite refreshing. It’s honest, it’s clever, and at times, heartbreaking. Still, it’s not reserved for a 22 year-old learning how to live and love in the 21st century. The maturity shown in the subject matter and motifs relate to anyone who has ever known what it’s like to have and have-not.

His debut album, 'Naked Poetry,' was released in April and landed at #27 on the Pop Billboard charts and #22 on the R&B Billboard charts. 

Describing Paul Childers isn’t easy. When he performs live there is a Clark Kent-like transformation from mild-manner, suit-wearing gentleman into a guitar-slinging superhero. Experience Paul Childers. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 10:00pm to 10:40pm
NAMM Marriott Stage