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With full features and the highest SEO level, brands will benefit from the maximum exposure to their products and brand messaging. Ensure engagement by not settling for anything but the best. Likewise, enjoy the benefits of all other tiers, including rich multimedia, AI-driven matchmaking, real-time analytics on all attendees who visit your booth and the ability to hold targeted, simultaneous meetings.

Assets Needed To Tell Your Brand Story

Company Logo

  • 400x200px no larger than 1MB
  • Logo will appear in search listings and on pages throughout the Swapcard platform.

Billboard Highlight On Brand Page

Highlight a specific product launch, event or brand through an eye-catching billboard highlight that follows attendees as they scroll through your content.

You can change out this column ad at any time and decide where ad will redirect to on click. Redirection options include External URL, Products, and Giveaways. On web desktop, the image is displayed in a vertical banner ad on the left side of your company profile. On mobile, your ad appears at the bottom of it.

  • 1080x1920px (9:16 ratio), no larger than 1MB

Video Header

Feature pre-recorded or live streaming content at the top of your page, engaging attendees from the moment they arrive.

Videos can be pre-recorded or livestreamed. Swapcardutilizes YouTube and Vimeo, so have your video IDs and links ready to go. 16:9 aspect ratio.

Company Description

Describe your brand and share your story with the information text space available on your brand page. You can add links and rich text.

  • No character limit.

Social Media

Increase your social media followers through Believe in Music’s wide B2C and B2B reach.

Customized Background

Set your brand apart with an immersive experience, swapping a plain background for a customized graphic of your choice.

  • Brand your company profile (desktop version only). You can change the background image at any time.
  • 2560x1600, no larger than 1MB

Contact Information

Provide contact details for prospective buyers and end-users to gather information before and after the event.


The Stadium Package empowers your brand to launch more products on your profile page and upload more of your catalog in the Marketplace, with expanded opportunities to grow your sales through our AI-powered matchmaking tools.


Giveaways are a great way to showcase your brand and drive traffic to your brand experience page.

To promote your giveaway you will need:

  • Image of the prize
  • Title of giveaway
  • Brief description (recommended 100 words, but there is no character limit)
  • Link to enter and official rules / terms and conditions, along with any prize or other limits.

These will appear on a dedicated Giveaway page accessible from the main navigation during Believe in Music Week. All fulfillment of the giveaway is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Review this article on giveaways and tips to create official rules and other details.

Additional Brand Listings

Connect your subsidiaries and associated brands, encouraging attendees to engage with your full catalog of brands.


Upload a file or add links to videos, brochures, PDFs, and more for attendees to consider as they make their buying decisions. The documents will be accessible by all attendees via your brand page.

  • Title: 80 characters max
  • Overview: Describe doc in a few words. 160 characters max
  • Jpeg no larger than 1MB, auto-cropped to 400x400
  • File types supported: pdf, doc,docx,ppt,pptx,png or jpeg

Interactive Presentation Room (12 on video / 50 total)

Upload a file or add links to videos, brochures, PDFs, and more for attendees to consider as they make their buying decisions. The documents will be accessible by all attendees via your brand page.


Session And Gear TV Content

10 Minutes Integrated Content On Gear TV

Integrate your content, commercial or product launch into NAMM’s Gear TV.

  • This needs to be ten minutes exactly
  • This can be pre-recorded OR live
  • Must be housed on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Deadline for submission January 8th, 2020


Host events and education sessions during Believe in Music Week!

  • Your session schedule will be viewed on your brand page and on the full event schedule, but link to a separate ‘Sessions Page’.
  • This content could be anything from an Artist Q&A to a factory tour
  • Sessions can be pre-recorded or live streaming. There will be specific instructions if live, please contact NAMM for additional details,
  • All sessions will have features including chat, polls and Q&A for attendees. Make sure to have a member of your staff monitor the ‘Chat’ during your session.
  • 8 Session
  • Title of Session: 50 characters, 10 words or less
  • Description: 100 words or less preferred
  • 15-30 minutes each is the recommended time
  • Recommended: No repeat content for sessions. Each session will be added to the full event schedule and will be available on demand after the initial ‘premier’ time. It will live there for repeat watching at any time. Use your allotted sessions for fresh content and utilize your brand page if you would like to repeat content.

Deadline: Send session info to NAMM by December 11, 2020 and video links by January 4, 2021

Video Frame Sponsorship On Gear TV

Reach every attendee by placing your banner on NAMM’s Gear TV.

  • 16x9, 1920x1080 Photoshop, BMP or JPEG file
  • Deadline: December 11th, 2020

Tools To Connect With Customers

Chat With Attendees

Qualified buyers, influencers and media visiting your brand experience page will have the opportunity to chat with your brand in real time, empowering them to ask questions and inquire about meetings.

All messages can be accessed on the chat page.

One-To-One Video Meetings

The Stadium Package allows for 80 one-on-one meetings per day, with the ability for multiple sales reps to conduct simultaneous calls. With flexible scheduling, you can segment your audience by different time zones and goals.

The opportunity to book meetings will open on January 4, 2021.

Ability To Search Attendees

Use our Meet Attendees search page to get connected with AI powered matches and invite relevant attendees to view your latest products, driving traffic and sales. 

AI Powered Matchmaking

Reach new customers through our AI-driven platform, bringing qualified and interested buyers to your products.

Information gathered in the registration process along with user activity on the platform will add to matchmaking intelligence. Attendees will get recommendations for networking, products and events.

Event And Brand Experience Page Analytics

Your package features rich analytics on every user that interacted with your brand page, powering follow-ups and sales.

From the Exhibitor Center, you can export the Team's Contact list at any time. This will provide you with the details of leads who have connected to your brand and staff along with any notes, scores or tags that your staff has added to the attendee profile.

Analytics on booth visits along with product and document access will be sent by NAMM after the show.


Additional Benefits

Platform Concierge and Technical Support

If you encounter any problems or questions along the way, NAMM will provide white-glove concierge service before, during and after the event. Contact your Account Executive or email

Logo Recognition On NAMM-Promoted Collateral

Throughout NAMM communications, your brand will be prominently featured and celebrated as a supporter of our industry and charitable efforts.

  • Inclusion in thank you ad of UpBeat Daily (print edition 1x mailed prior to the event, digital edition 2x 1/21 and 1/22)
  • Promoted in logo soup in audience email to all registrants 3x (Know Before you Go (1/15) and 2x show days (1/21 and 1/22)
  • Approximate impressions: 300k

Policies And Other Information

Music Licensing

To support our global artist community, NAMM adheres to all laws outlining use of intellectual property, music, licensing and use of copyrighted works.

We have ASCAP and BMI licenses that cover certain use of copyrighted material, but to ensure proper use of any material, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Ensure you own or validly possesses the right to make, use, perform, sell and display any patented products, copyrighted works, trademarks, service marks and trade names (collectively, “Intellectual Property”), to promote content, activities, and affiliated events.
  • Secure any and all necessary licenses or consents for (a) any performances, displays or other uses of copyrighted works, trademarks or patented inventions or designs and (b) any use of any name, likeness, signature, voice or other impression, or other Intellectual Property owned by others.
  • Do not use any musical work protected by copyright to be staged, produced, or otherwise performed, via either “live” or mechanical means, by or on your behalf at Event or any Event-related activity, unless you have previously obtained written permission from the copyright owner or the copyright owner’s designee (e.g., ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) for this use.
  • Accept full and complete responsibility for the content you provide and all obligations under any agreement permitting the use of the music, including but not limited to all obligations to report data and to pay royalty fees.