Summer NAMM - Exhibitor Special Event Request Form

It is NAMM policy that all hotel and off-site exhibitor events must be reviewed and approved through NAMM. Fill out the Exhibitor Special Event Request Form below if your event is intended to be hosted outside of your booth and/or outside of official tradeshow hours. Exhibitor Booth Events do not need approval and can be managed in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: NAMM must receive a valid Exhibit Space Application and deposit prior to processing Exhibitor Event Reservation Forms. Reservations will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting room rates vary and may be negotiable. Your venue of choice will forward catering menus and specify deposit requirements. Neither the venues nor NAMM provide security or insurance for meeting rooms. Although every effort will be made to secure appropriate space for your request, NAMM is not responsible for noise interruptions created by neighboring events.

Event space is reserved for Exhibitors who contract directly with NAMM for a minimum of 200 square feet of booth space on the show floor. Sharing companies are not eligible. Exhibitors may not submit a request on behalf of another division or any other company. Exhibitors agree not to schedule tours, meetings, or other events that might reasonably be expected to draw attendance away from the Trade Show during any part of the official Trade Show hours. Displaying product in any room is prohibited during show hours. Event space is assigned based on compliance with all rules and regulations. Non-observance of these rules will jeopardize the Exhibitor's ability to exhibit at future NAMM shows and may result in immediate termination of the Exhibitor's Exhibit Space Agreement, cancellation of Trade Show badges, and termination of the right to exhibit without any refund or other liability on the part of NAMM. If the company status as a NAMM Member or exhibitor changes during this process, event requests are subject to change or cancellation. NAMM reserves the right to decline any or all event requests.