Mobile App - Dynamic Push Notification


Present a unique message to all mobile app users. With this feature, sponsors can showcase a dynamic message linking to:

  • Exhibitor profile
  • Information page
  • Email
  • Sponsor landing page outside of the app

Create a buzz across the campus by sending your message to the users of the mobile app. Add your logo and specific call to action to maximize impact.

  • 24–76 characters will be displayed on the users' lock screen with an option for up to 600 characters in the app's inbox
  • Actions can include links to webpages, contact prompts (opening an email) or redirect to exhibitor details page in the app.

Users must be opted-in and connected to the internet to receive messages, but all sent messages are stored within the app’s inbox so users can check at a later date. A convenient button denotes the number of unread messages, so users know what they have missed.