NAMM Show ACC North Meeting Rooms

Thank you for exhibiting at The 2019 NAMM Show!

To assist with your preparations for the show, please review the following meeting room information and reference the diagram below with your corresponding meeting room number. 

Fire Marshal Requirements

In order to meet all Fire Marshal requirements, please submit your room diagram no later than December 10, 2018.

  • Below you will find a scaled copy of your room diagram with all measurements listed 
  • Fire Equipment such as strobes and fire extinguisher cabinets must be shown on the diagram and must be kept clear, visible and unobstructed
  • Ceiling height is 25 feet, however all equipment in rooms and show floor must be 18" below the ceiling to account for the sprinklers
  • NAMM will submit everything to the fire marshal for review and return the plans to you with any notes, including maximum capacity for the room
  • The Fire Marshal will be onsite during move-in to ensure everything matches the plan

Please complete the meeting room form no later than December 10, 2018.

Room Specifications

  • Elevator access: Maximum clearance is 15' wide x 9' 11.25" - 12,000 lb. capacity
  • Room air wall door: NAMM is working on a move-in & move-out plan that includes air wall door open & close schedules and will contact you directly with the new plan.
  • Ceiling height: 25', all equipment must remain under 23'6" (18" from the ceiling). All rigging must go through PSAV. For rig points and pricing, please contact Stephanie Logan at or 714-765-8669.
  • Balcony: You may utilize up to 8' in front of your room on the balcony. You may section this area off or keep it open to attendees. 
  • Walls: Combination of acoustic panels and wite painted dry wall. Note: No materials may be affixed to walls; damage will be billed back to the exhibitor by ACC.
  • Carpet: Blue-gray linear pattern. If you choose to put carpet down on carpet, please reach out to for approval. Exhibitors are required to have protection between facility carpet and any added carpet. Note: Carpet damage will be billed back to the exhibitor by ACC.
  • Electricity:  All electrical service is provided via floor ports. Electrical service will be provided from the nearest port to the booth space. Please provide a detailed booth plan indicating the locations of electrical requirements with your electrical order to Freeman. Place your electrical order by signing into Freeman Online.
  • Signage: If you are using free standing signage outside your door, a rendering must be submitted to NAMM for approval with your room layout. Sprinklers cannot be blocked by entrance structures or banners.
  • Atmospheric effects: Artificial fog / smoke will adversely affect the ACC fire security system. You must notify NAMM if you are planning to use fog/smoke machines in your room and receive advanced approval. All atmospheric effects must be water based and can only be used during scheduled times.
  • Room keys/dimmers: NAMM is requiring all companies to provide a credit card to obtain room keys, request doors to be rekeyed, and/or dimmers. Credit cards will be charged for all non-returned keys, dimmers, and rekeyed doors. Keys not returned by noon on Tuesday, January 29th to the show office will be charged the lost key fee no later than February 4, 2019.
  • Cleaning: It is your responsibility to coordinate access to clean your room with the Freeman Service Desk located in the Arena Breezeway.
  • Move-in/move-out: All exhibitors must adhere to the Freight Target Plan. For all inquiries, please email