April 13–15, 2023

Loudspeaker System Showcase at The NAMM Show

Anaheim Convention Center • Southern California

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Loudspeaker System Showcase: Powered by Live Sound & Partnered with 4Wall

The Loudspeaker System Showcase delivers a highly unique side-by-side listening opportunity that has been attended by tens of thousands of attendees over the past decade. In past years, the experience has been a favorite of NAMM’s pro audio and live sound communities, bringing a specialized audience of sound engineers, venue owners, audio rental companies and more sound professionals. We’ll bring the audience and the perfect environment to display your products, you bring your loudspeaker systems and your best demonstration game face!

Tom Back, Alcons Audio
"It is necessary to demonstrate the sound of our products. You need to hear them in an environment where you can compare it with other systems. Participating in the Loudspeaker System Showcase provides us with the ideal environment and a great audience."

In collaboration with the producers of Live Sound International Magazine, the Loudspeaker System Showcase presents an ideal demo opportunity for manufacturers to expand their customer reach and generate new leads. Every year, the Loudspeaker System Showcase quickly becomes a highly trafficked area and is known to draw in a strong pro audio-centric audience.

Audience Demographic:

  • Sound Engineers
  • Recording Studio Owners
  • Live Event and Music Venues
  • Audio Rental Companies
  • Houses of Worship
  • Schools and Universities
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Theme Park Operators
  • Distributors
  • Artists and Artist Managers
  • Social Media Influencers and Gear Reviewers
  • Media
  • And more!


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Benefits of Participating in the Loudspeaker System Showcase:

  • Largest opportunity for live loudspeaker demonstrations
  • The most highly attended showcase at The NAMM Show
  • Close proximity to the pro audio floor will bring in an informed audience of pro audio professionals
  • An interactive showcase environment where you can directly play your products’ strengths against your competitors and engage face-to-face with attendees and products
  • Attendees can hear the loudspeaker systems in a controlled, real-life environment
  • A fantastic way to generate brand exposure for up-and-coming brands
  • Gain visibility through various NAMM Show promotional efforts online and across the NAMM campus

How the Loudspeaker System Showcase Works:

  • All systems are fed identical music tracks in a round-robin style session
  • Each system is played back-to-back a total of four times so listeners can evaluate what they are hearing while also observing each system’s technical details
  • During these sessions, attendees can ask further questions to each presenting brand’s representative to get more technical knowledge on each product
  • In addition to the main head-to-head sessions where all brands compete against each other, each day of the showcase will also feature individual demo sessions for each brand, where brand representatives are free to make presentations of their products in any way they desire

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Recharge Your Sales

Buyers are eager to get back to in-person opportunities and to really hear the sound of the latest technologies. The Loudspeaker System Showcase will once again present an exclusive opportunity for brands to interact directly with their customers to re-kindle relationships and showcase the benefits of their products. 


Marketing Benefits of Participation Include:

  • 10 x 10 booth area in the Loudspeaker System Showcase theater
  • Access to lead capture list of Loudspeaker System Showcase attendees
  • Logo inclusion in advertising and digital promotions
  • Profile on dedicated landing page on NAMM.org
  • Full-page, 4C ad in the digital LSS Program Guide

A Unique Mix of Professionals

NAMM works with a variety of organizations to promote the benefits of attending, with audiences waiting for the opportunity to gather once again: 


Learn more on how exhibiting at The NAMM Show can help grow your brand. 

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