Small Display Case Sponsorship


Showcase your amazing product in one of NAMM’s exclusive display cases strategically placed in high-traffic areas of the lobbies. Stand out from the competition and guide buyers to your booth!

Command mind-share, as an international collective of product sellers and end users begin their NAMM experience. Small display cases offer sponsors prime real estate on the crowded lobby floor to showcase a key product. Display cases are a great way to incorporate a social media campaign with your brand, keep your brand on your customer’s mind, and drive traffic to your booth.

  • Custom size to fit an instrument
  • Shelf option at no charge
  • Option to add custom graphics
  • Great value!

What we need from you:

Let NAMM know if you would like to add a shelf to your display case.


  • 26.5" wide on each side (square)
  • 46.75" high