Invite Your Network to Believe in Music

Thousands of attendees from more than 100 countries and regions are registered to attend Believe in Music! Make sure your audience is invited to the celebration.

Participating brands at Believe in Music now have the opportunity to invite their staff, dealers, connections and more to the event. NAMM members will also be able to use this tool to invite their communities and networks. We have established an easy-to-use invite feature that will send Believe in Music invites directly to your contacts' inboxes!

Instructions for Using the Invite System

  1. Visit
  2. "Sign In" from the navigation menu
  3. Select "invitations" from the navigation menu
  4. Choose between "Create Your Invitation" (best for sending an invite to a single recipient) or "Upload Your Invitations" (allows you to invite a maximum of 2,500 invitees at a time)

For a detailed guide on how to send instructions to your network, view our easy-to-follow guide here