The Coalition on Coalitions (CoCs) supports NAMM members and their networks working on state-level music and arts education advocacy efforts. The Wisconsin network provides tactics, resources and best practices to move and improve state-level policies, funding and advocacy for music and arts education.

State Profile

To customize your state profile to reflect the current education advocacy partnerships in your state, please contact Jessica Cortez.

Action Alerts

1. Action Alert: Promote opportunity for Music and Arts advocates in the state provide feedback on the Wisconsin DPI’s ESSA implementation survey site

Suggested promotional copy:  “Action Alert: Log on and provide feedback today! The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) enacted in 2015 defines music as part of a well-rounded education; however, action is needed now at the state level to make sure that every student in Wisconsin benefits from the opportunities afforded by this new law.  The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has launched a statewide effort to gather stakeholder input from educators, parents, students, education advocates and others to determine how best to implement key features of the new law, which will be implemented starting with the 2017-2018 school year. Complete this short survey to let your representatives know that the state’s education policy must assure access to music and arts education as part of a “well-rounded education” for all children in Wisconsin.” 

2. Action Alert: Promote and attend the following events.

  1. Drive in Day to the Capitol: The Wisconsin Advocates will be planning a Drive in Day to the Capitol in Madison on February 8, 2017. Our hope is to have someone see each of our 33 Senators and 99 legislators.
  2. Wisconsin Teacher Conference: We are hoping to gain some exposure about ESSA and the Wisconsin Advocacy work at the Wisconsin Teacher Conference Oct 27-29, 2016. We will have stickers to pass out to all committee members and advocates "Ask ME About ESSA" In addition The WAME Committee is hosting a reception, sponsored by NAMM Members from across the state on Thursday Oct 27th from 5-6pm in Room G at the Monona Terrace in Madison. The free reception is open to anyone interested. We have invited our legislators to attend as well as encouraging attendance from our music educators state wide.
  3. Teachers Conventions: Beginning Oct 2017 The WAME committee will also host at every Teachers convention a session on advocacy. We will focus on helping people "Get their feet wet on advocacy work" We will then go over to the capital and try to stop in and see our legislators.

3. Over the next year the WAME Committee hopes to work on a leave behind of testimonials about how Music has impacted the people from all over Wisconsin, including parents, students, community partners, administrators, business leaders so that we incorporate people from all walks of life. We are looking for partners from all over the state to join in this process. 

4. Distribute NAMM Advocacy brochures: Striking a Chord, ESSA 3Rs, and Why Learn to Play, to parents, teachers, and other stakeholder networks. Contact Jessica Cortez request supplies.


Our biggest opportunity now is to continuing gather all of the advocates and information from all over the state and learning what each group is doing.

Listen to the Aug. 23, Wisconsin SupportMusic Coalition Call, here.

Anne Katz from Arts Wisconsin is working on ESSA implementation.

AFTA is working with Julie Palkowski from the State Department of Public Instruction  and Cary Hansen from Turnaround Arts.

Katie Seiter from WAME is working to connect state reps and educating 

The Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education (WAME) board meeting took place on July 19th to discuss a statewide initiative.

Brass Bell staff gained insight from the perspective of republicans; it is recommended to seek support from booster parents, the DPI, superintendents, and the school boards.

Brass Bell staff has met with: Sen. Chris Larson, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff, Sen. Lena Taylor, Rep. Dan Knodl, and Sen. Alberta Darling.

Representatives in support include: Chris Larson(D), Jonathan Brostoff (D), Lena Taylor (D). Representatives not yet supporting include: Dan Knodl (R), Alberta Darling (R).

Goals include:

Meeting with as many superintendents as possible, sharing information provided at the 2016 Fly-in. Discuss ESSA and what their hopes might be for Music Education in their district. Reach out to:

  1. Tony Evers, DPI Superintendent, and begin a dialogue.
  2. Asst. State Sup. Sheila Briggs PhD, head of DPI Division of Academic Excellence, and begin a dialogue.
  3. Sen. Taylor’s office in the coming months to discuss drafting possible legislation or exploring an alternative to legislation that will improve music education.
  4. Lena Taylor’s office near the end of July.
  5. Tony Evers.
  6. Mandela Barnes (D)
  7. Reach out to the organizations recommended by Representative Brostoff to start building a network in the city

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