NAMM Members Share the Benefits of Attending Intellectual Property Forums


Protecting and managing intellectual property (IP) can be confusing, and as a result many business owners have no idea where to start.  NAMM addresses this problem head-on by giving NAMM Members access to experts from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) who specialize in trademark, patent, and copyright protection.  

At the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, IP experts Susan Anthony and Richard Cole from the USPTO and Alan Datri consultant for the World Intellectual Property Organization,  participated in a panel discussion moderated by NAMM Executive Director Mary Luehrsen.  Topics included the importance of securing global IP protection. USPTO Deputy Director of International Patent Legal Administration Richard Cole advised NAMM members to, “Understand that IP protection is territorial. If you have a U.S. patent you're covered. If you cross the ocean, you're not covered.” Cole continued, “Think early and act globally.”  

The panel acknowledged that knowing where to start with the IP protection process can be overwhelming, which led USPTO Global Intellectual Property Academy Director Susan Anthony to suggest NAMM members, “Take a needs analysis” first.” Then, “Map it out and have a battle plan.” Anthony warned, “It’s a war out there.”  

Earlier during the forum, NAMM Members shared reports from the Third Annual NAMM IP Academy held at USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, VA in April 2015. "You'll learn to do a patent search. All the tools are there [at the academy]. Now I know what to ask... and can strategize,” said Connie Reeves, of Taff Optical. NAMM Board Member and Co-founder of Cannonball Musical Instruments Sheryl Laukat nodded in agreement and affirmed the lasting benefits of attending the IP Academy as well as IP Forums and Roundtables.

Jon Miller of Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C. added that he benefitted from sessions on trademarking around the world, as well as discussions on patents. He urged IP Forum attendees to save the date for the next IP Academy, reminding them that this is a free benefit offered to NAMM Members. He urged everyone to remember that, “design patents are protective tools.”

For more information on upcoming IP-related events, contact Eric Ebel.