Senate Education Committee Leaders Urge Secretary King to Allow More Time for States to Develop Their New ESSA Accountability Systems

In an August 1st letter to Secretary of Education Dr. John King, Jr., Senate Education Leaders, Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) called on the Education Department to provide more time for states to develop their new accountability systems.  The request comes in response to Secretary King’s comments at a June 29th Senate education committee hearing on the implementation of ESSA, indicating that he’s open to considering a different timeline for when states must identify new schools for improvement.  The Senate education committee is holding at least six hearings this year on implementation of ESSA to make sure that the law is being implemented in the way that Congress wrote it.  If accepted, the Senate Education Committee’s proposed extension would allow states to implement their new accountability systems in 2017-18, and begin to identify new schools for improvement in 2018-19 as the new law fixing No Child Left Behind intended.


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