Presidential Campaign Forum with Representative from Biden for President

Biden Forum

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NAMM hosted representatives from President Trump’s and former Vice President Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaigns in two separate forums on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Moderated by NAMM Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, Mary L. Luehrsen, campaign representatives were asked about their candidate’s policy and positions on key issues relevant to NAMM members and U.S. creative and event sectors. Questions were presented by Chris F Martin of Martin Guitars, PA, Crystal Morris of Gator Cases, FL and Robin Walenta of West Music, IA.  The invitation to participate was extended to candidates or their representatives from both campaigns and were livestreamed during separate events. A video of the livestream will be shared here within 24 hours.

Moderator: Mary L. Luehrsen, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, NAMM

​​​​​Speaker: Carmel Martin, Senior Policy Advisor, Biden for President

Each campaign was provided with the following questions:

Q. What is the candidate's position and proposed policies concerning small to medium-sized music and creative sector businesses that have been seriously impacted by business interruption – and in many instances closure – due to the conditions of the pandemic in the U.S.?

Q. Does the candidate support federal relief efforts, and if so, what?

Q. Does the candidate support federal business relief efforts that include long-term, forgivable loans for creative sector businesses – such as events – that will not return to operation well into 2021?

Q. Many creative sector individuals operate as independent contractors, and due to the health crisis, livelihoods have been severely interrupted and, for many, are hanging on thin threads. What is the candidate's position on relief for individuals as they rebuild their economic opportunities?

Q. Does the candidate support expanded pandemic unemployment benefits or other?

Q. How does the candidate propose to stabilize and grow the U.S. economy post-pandemic?

Q. What policies and programs will the candidate advance, if elected, to support all people's economic well-being in the U.S. to include the cost of health insurance that is an unbalanced burden on the small business sector?

Q. What is the candidate's view of the role music and arts education play in the life and development of all children in the U.S., and how will the candidate's policies and programs advance access and opportunity for all children to learn and grow with music and the arts?

Q. What are the candidate's policies and programs for addressing U.S. businesses' ability to import products and product elements that are essential to product distribution, both foreign and domestic, and company profitability? Does the candidate understand the impact of import tariffs, and is there a plan to improve or revise these policies?

Q. Our industry is committed to the sustainable use of environmental resources, including the sourcing of wood for the making of iconic guitars and other instruments including the use of plant and animal materials that are part of the remarkable instruments that are often a multi-generational investment and are made by artisans in our industry. What are the candidate's policies and positions relative to natural resources?

Q. Music and arts education along with other cultural events and experiences are the glue for student engagement in school and the connection within and between people of all backgrounds in our communities. What are the candidates' policies and positions relative to equal opportunity and access to music and arts education as part of a well-rounded education and available to all students?