Resources and Information for Traveling with Musical Instruments

NAMM and its members extend their sincere gratitude to the leadership of American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and its effective efforts to advise and guide government and aviation agencies to develop clear and uniform standards for airline travel with musical instruments. Dave Pomeroy, President/Bassist at Nashville Musicians Association, AFM Local 257 and International Executive Board at American Federation of Musicians and Alfonso Pollard, Legislative and Political Director and Director of Diversity at American Federation of Musicians were on hand at Summer NAMM to update NAMM members on best practices when traveling with musical instruments.

As of now, domestic airlines are required to allow passengers to carry on their instruments if they fit in the overhead compartments or under the seats. Passengers should note that overhead compartment dimensions vary by aircraft and that overhead availability may be limited. For larger items that may not fit in the overheard compartment, passengers may be able to carry-on these instruments if you book a seat as “seat baggage” or “cargo in passenger cabin” however not all airlines may permit this and there may be a fee for those who do. Alternatively, passengers may check their instrument if the sum of the length, width, and height of exterior case dimensions do not exceed 150 inches and the weight does not exceed 165 pounds.

For more information, review AFM’s Travel Kit.