In Memoriam: a Tribute to Industry Leaders

Each year, our passion-driven industry gathers at the NAMM Show.  It is a time to buy and sell, a time to see old friends and make new ones.  It is also a time when we can come together and say goodbye to those no longer among us. The tradition of the annual NAMM Tribute is based on the family feeling even competitors have towards each other in our industry. And like a family it is comforting and important to take a moment to say goodbye to those who have passed away.

Please join us on the close of our first trade show day to pause in reflection of these leaders, innovators, co-workers and friends as we pay our respects. The presentation will begin at 5:15 PM in the main lobby of the convention center on Thursday January 15, 2009. A bagpipe brigade will play as a slide show projects the names and images on a large screen. A slow motion video clip is played for each of those who were interviewed as part of our Oral History program to make the important statement that their stories are forever preserved for generations to come. 

If you are unable to attend the presentation on Thursday, a DVD loop of the slide show will be displayed on a plasma screen next to the stage in the lobby throughout the show. This kiosk, adorned with flowers, will run from Friday morning until the end of the show on Sunday afternoon.

A DVD of the slide show will be made available and mailed to family members and friends unable to attend the NAMM Show.  Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the DVD are welcome to email their request and mailing address to

Those of us at NAMM have been touched by the lives of these individuals, many of whom have become our dear friends, many have served NAMM and the industry and many have shared their stories for our library collection to preserve our great history.  It is an honor for us to provide an event in which we can all gather and express our gratitude for what these people have provided us and our industry.