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Jack DeJohnette is a drummer’s drummer and yet, unlike many influential players, Jack is widely known among jazz fans around the world. With credits that range from Miles Davis to Herbie Hancock, Jack has been a driving force on countless jazz and popular recordings beginning in the 1960s.

Roy Haynes knows jazz! His ideas and techniques have made him a legendary drummer who in many ways helped develop Bebop and Free Jazz, a form of post Bop jazz that was popular beginning in the 1960s. With graceful motion Roy brought a new feel to drumming and encouraged an entire generation of percussionists.

Thomas Siwe served as president of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) in the early days of the organization. In fact, while serving on the board he took part in the expansion of the PAS chapters into Canada. He also played a vital role in the beginning stages of the PAS museum.

Frank Waddy has been playing drums since he was a small child. During his long and creative musical career, he has played with artists such as James Brown and George Clinton. Frank has established himself as a solid and consistent player with an eye on innovative beats and styles.

Dan Mahoney is the president of Music Corp, a strong music wholesaler founded by industry veteran, Eddy Toporek. Dan came to the industry from the office supply world and brought with him a clear vision of the role Music Corp could and should play within the vastly changing world of the early 2000s. Like the changes that greatly impacted the office supply industry, Dan saw the same issues and challenges facing the music industry.

Jack LeMaire took guitar lessons from the legendary Eddy Lang. Jack played on radio broadcasts and recordings with a number of top artists during the 1940s and 50s. He all but gave up the guitar due to suffering from an early onset of arthritis. He then turned towards acting and appeared in countless programs on television.

Richard Bridgeman was the Director of Product Management of Hammond beginning in the mid 1960s. Dick came to the company as the original B-3 organ production was coming to an end. He oversaw the introduction of the new semi-conductor organs.

William Zeswitz was taught the violin by this father, who formed the Zeswitz Music Store outside of Redding, PA. Bill became president and a true leader in the industry.

Yuris Zeltins is the master luthier known worldwide for his artistic and engineering craftsmanship that is evident in each of his musical instruments. Yuris inspired a new way of thinking when he applied his creative skills and techniques to repair, elevating the task of repair to an art form and allowing flare and personal signature style to be present yet not overstated in the once mundane duties that included neck and body reconstructions.

Gordy Wilcher believes that with the right mixture of passion and knowledge, the independent music retailer has the strength to bring music to young students, build new brands within their stores and pass along a joy of music to those who walk in their doors. And every day Gordy and his staff try to do just that.