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John Worthington began as an engineer in the early days of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), and, in fact, helped program the MIDI time code. John also worked at Apple Computers during the company’s early involvement in computer music.

Bob Wray remembers the day he was sitting in the Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama when Clarence Carter outlined the next song he was ready to cut.  Bob was to play guitar on the song, which was “Patches.”  The song was the biggest in Mr.

Betty Wright was three years old when she was placed on a pile of phone books in a studio in order to reach the microphone when her family recorded gospel music. She began writing songs very young, many of which were performed by her siblings. In the 1960s, Betty made the move to R&B music and while it was difficult for some of her church family to understand, she never lef

Johnny Wright was among the most popular of the traveling country bandleaders during the big band era. Blending his country music roots with a slight bluegrass feel, Johnny’s band was the perfect backdrop for singers such as his beloved wife, Kitty Wells.

Eugene Wright can be heard playing bass on the classic jazz song “Take Five” as a member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, but what most people may not know is that Eugene fronted his own band for years before joining Dave.

John Wright Jr. grew up in the piano business.  His father and his uncle, Dan Hall, formed the Hall Piano Company in 1958.  The store is currently located right on David Drive in Metairie, Louisiana, not too far from the first location, which John recalled running around in as a small child.  Like his father and uncle, John developed a true passion for the music business and wa

Mike Wuellner opened Online Marketing in the early 1990s with the idea of providing a quality product line with products that help serve their customer base.  He built up his dealer base over time with attention to service and by offering innovative products.  Online Marketing was among the first rep firms to offer PRS Guitars, among many other products.

Lucien Wulsin’s grandfather was taught the piano business by D. W. Baldwin, the founder of the world-famous piano company. What he learned was passed down to his son, who, like his father, became president of the company. Lucien III carried on the family tradition and served as President of Baldwin Piano Company during the turbulent 1960s. The piano business needed to compete with the home organ products, which were on the rise.

Jack Wyatt is well known in the piano industry as the historian of the Piano Technicians Guild. In fact, when the PTG opened a museum in their home office in Kansas City, MO, Jack was there to take on the project of telling the important story of the organization’s contribution to the industry.

Bill Xavier was introduced into the music products industry while working with Hartley Peavey. Peavey became a strong mentor to Bill and was like a second father to him. Bill has often said that much of the passion he has for the music products industry was developed as a result of working with Mr. Peavey.