NAMM Offers Foreign Currency and Global Payment Programs to its Domestic and International Members

NAMM features a benefit for its members that will help them more efficiently and cost effectively manage their foreign currency purchases and international payments.

NAMM members can receive services and benefits from Tempus, which include:

  • Foreign currency and international payment services for corporate members of NAMM
  • Fast payment transfers at fair, competitive rates with 50% off transfer fees for NAMM members
  • Dedicated specialists who proactively monitor and advise of global market conditions
  • 24/7 access to a flexible and secure online platform available across multiple devices
  • Short- and Long-term global currency budget planning available with qualified specialists to help identify and mitigate foreign currency risk from your global payments process.
  • Exclusive Monthly Currency Outlooks for NAMM members at as well as Daily Market Insights at
  • NAMM members are not locked into a set contract for any period of time with Tempus

Ranked as one of the ‘Top Foreign Currency Forecasters’ by Bloomberg, Tempus is a global payment and risk management solutions company with an international presence that continually monitors currency markets and provides industry leading FX solutions for their corporate clients.  Tempus will assist you seamlessly to integrate a foreign exchange product and best mange your risks so that your company profits aren’t eroded by fluctuations in exchange rates.”

Members are encouraged to review rates and information at

About Tempus
Tempus is focused on providing corporate clients with the best foreign exchange and international payment solutions in the industry. Over the past decade Tempus has guided clients from a broad spectrum of industry sectors through the intricacies of the currency markets. Our unique market insight is widely recognized in main-line business media such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, International Herald Tribune, BBC News and CNBC to name just a few. In fact, Tempus is quoted more often than all other international payment companies combined.