Alberto Rizzo Schettino

Fuseroom Recording Studio--Berlin

Alberto Rizzo Schettino is a pianist, synth geek and sound engineer. Since attaining Best Pianist/Keyboardist 2005 at Hollywood's Musicians Institute, Alberto joined productions in progressive rock (Derek Sherinian, Planet X, TJ Helmerich), served as an assistant engineer at Cello Studios, prepped music for musicians in the LA jazz scene, and landed a gig with pop star Joss Stone.

After earning honors in jazz piano performance at Berklee College of Music, Alberto opened Fuseroom Recording Studio - Berlin, Germany - in 2007 as a place to teach and produce music. Over the years Alberto has worked with artists Roger Burn (Chaka Khan, The Mask, Saturday Night Live), Shapes, David White (Mad Max: Fury Road), Anna Oxa, Marco Masini, Derek Sherinian, Planet X, Garsed/Helmerich, Morgan Heritage, and others. He has worked with game developers Riot Games (League of Legends), Bohemia Interactive (ArmA), Blizzard Entertainment (Overwatch), as well as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways.

Alberto also works as a product specialist for various audio companies. Since 2014, he is the chief beta tester at Focal, while contributing to the success of pureMix Audio Tutorials.