Bob Negen

Retail Expert and Co-creator, Retail Mastery Program
WhizBang! Training

Bob Negen discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of twenty-three and opened one of the world's first kite stores. In twenty years he helped change the public's perception of the kite from a child's toy to an "eco-friendly" hobby for families and people of all ages.

In those twenty years he grew his company from $17,000 to over $3 million in annual sales. In 1998 the company was named "Retailer of the Year" by the Kite Trade Association.

A natural marketer, Bob constantly created very successful promotions. His favorite, the Great Lakes Sport Kite Championships, grew into one of the largest, most prestigious kite events in the world.

Bob was also instrumental in helping create a nation wide yo-yo boom. At one time his company employed eight full time yo-yo professionals performing in schools, malls, nationally broadcast parades, professional sporting events, and other large entertainment venues.

While building the national craze, his company opened "Yo-Yo Universe" kiosks in over a dozen malls, hired and trained over one hundred fifty employees using his unique training system, and sold over two million of dollars worth of yo-yos.

All in a little over six months!

His yo-yo adventure forced Bob to boil down twenty years of hard-earned experience about life as an entrepreneur into a fun, but no-nonsense, only-if-it-works outlook on business.

This "make it fun, but get it done" attitude has given Bob an expert edge not only in marketing, but also in practical, proven customer service practices, solid, common sense employee management, super efficient operations, and focusing the entrepreneurial spirit.