Charlie Hughes

Principal Consultant
Excelsior Audio & AFMG

Charlie Hughes is the principal consultant at Excelsior Audio, providing consultation, design, and measurement services primarily to loudspeaker manufacturers since 2004. Charlie received a BSc in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1988 and has worked as a loudspeaker design engineer for several manufacturers. He currently has seven patents issued relating to loudspeaker design and directivity control. Charlie is a member of the AES, AVIXA, CTA, IEC and Syn-Aud-Con. He is very active on several AES, AVIXA, CTA and IEC standards committees, serving as the chairman for CTA R3 WG1. In 2013, he received the CTA Technology Achievement Award for his standards work (formerly CEA). Charlie assists the Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG), located in Berlin, Germany, in the development and testing of many of its products. He provides domestic and international training for these products, as well as customer support. Charlie’s articles have been published in Audio Xpress, Live Sound, Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter, Voice Coil and others. Charlie has presented multiple papers and been an invited speaker and panelist at numerous AES conventions. Additional info about Charlie and his company can be found at