Dan Shinder

Drum Talk TV

In January of 2013 Dan founded the online media company Drum Talk TV, which quickly became the largest online community around the culture of drumming and percussion of all styles. Drum Talk TV has 900% more online reach and engagement than all of its industry peers combined. With his Social Media On Steroids workshops, courses and consulting, Dan shares exactly how he turned Drum Talk TV from an idea into a profitable business with a global presence with about 1 million active followers in over 100 countries, reaching 20 million people a month organically using social media marketing strategies he developed on Facebook without ever paying for advertising or boosting posts. Dan has been a musician since 1970 and first toured the entire US professionally when he was 15. He discovered his love for video production when he had a cooking show on TV from 2002 to 2006, and then went on to produce corporate videos with fortune 500 companies and major banks, documentaries and short films. Dan provides social media marketing education, training and consulting in and outside the music industry to everyone from solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, multimillion dollar corporations and non- and for-profit organizations, in person and online with clients in 20 countries.