Leslie Faltin

Instrumental Music Center

Leslie Faltin married into music. She has a Baccalaureate degree from University of Arizona in chemistry with a minor in mathematics and physics. Leslie was selling radiation therapy equipment in Bellflower, California, when she met the dashing young Michael Faltin, who had just finished his degree in music education. In 1999, after being married for a few years, Michael proposed mortgaging the house and opening a music store to which Leslie said, “That is a terrible idea.” Leslie had worked in sales for the medical high-powered diode laser industry and regional sales in fiber-optic telecommunications and continued working in these industries as the fledgling Instrumental Music Center was becoming profitable. Leslie joined the store full-time in 2001 and handles much of the day-to-day operations. She has been a contributor to Music Inc. magazine, and Instrumental Music Center was recently honored as one of the NAMM Top 100 dealers.