Nigel Rudlin

Founder and CEO

Previously a Skunk Works developer with Lockheed. He is a successful entrepreneur in the financial services sector. Nigel conceived indieOn in 2015 as a result of witnessing talented musicians trying to make a living from their creative content. He is passionate about artist remuneration and the ability to distribute their music and other artistic content, globally.

indieOn is a streaming Platform built on blockchain technology to help artists like musicians, independent filmmakers and podcasters better manage, monetize and distribute their creative content.

Our customers base includes anyone who enjoys streaming music, independent film and podcasts. Our revenue sources include paid subscriptions, advertising, a percentage of sales from downloads, on-line store, pay for play film and film distribution. Our unique differentiators lie in the use of blockchain to protect identity and intellectual property rights of artists & eliminate fraudulent use of artists. Secondly we offer a reward system for Artists & Audiences. We give tokens to Artists for uploading their works & to audiences for listening & sharing their favorite selections. Tokens can be used for in App purchases of merchandize or by artists to promote their works with ads.

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