Pat Scandalis

CTO, acting CEO

Pat Scanalis is a Digital Media Technologist with extensive experience building and operating digital media products. His background is deeply technical with a focus on business. Pat contributes on many levels: Strategy, technical, management, operational, product and business.

Specialties: Software Development: Digital Signal Processing, Audio Programming, IOS programming, mySQL, PHP, Javascript, Perl, Java, WorldPress, Windows Media and DRM SDKs, C/C++/Objective-C, C#/.NET, MATLAB/Octave, Tcl/Tk, ASP, VB, Lex/Yacc, Windows (Win32/WinCE) Programming, MacOSX/Cocoa Programming, IOS Programming. mySQL, PHP, Unix/Linux Programming, System Architecture, Development Environment Setup, Engineering Process Automation, Whitebox Test Development, Documentation. In 2013 I took a course from Edward Tufte on Data Visualization.