Paul 'Skip' Rickert


Skip’s first professional touring experience was with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, Colorado in 1977, followed by a stint with Chautauqua, a Colorado Council for the Arts and Humanities touring company based in Denver. His first introduction to the music business came from a local carpentry position with the Rolling Stones at Folsom Field in Boulder the summer of 1978. In 1979, he earned his degree from UCSD and immediately went on tour with the Little River Band undertaking various responsibilities including studio work on Monserrat with George Martin. This was followed by tours with George Benson, John Denver, Diana Ross, and Ozzy Osborne.

Skip’s experience in accounting and tour managing started in 1984 with the band Berlin. This continued through the 1980’s with Midnight Oil, Mister Mister, Kenny Loggins and an extended period with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Stevie’s touring period in the late 80’s included associations with Albert King, Otis Rush, Joe Cocker, Albert King, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, and B.B. King to name a few.

Throughout the 1990’s he worked with clients such as ZZ-Top, Tangerine Dream, Natalie Cole, Jimmie Vaughan, Megadeth, KORN, John Tesh, Lisa Loeb, and LIVE. He concluded the 90's with the Backstreet Boys and moved into a management position with the Firm in Beverly Hills. There, he conducted day to day management duties for clients including Ice Cube and Korn.

Skip returned to tour producing, direction and management in the early 2000’s with Guns N’ Roses, Limp Bizkit, Sex Pistols, Eric Idle, Green Day and Barbara Streisand. In 2005, Skip partnered with Carlos Santana and continues to manage his live performances to this day. In 2011, he was announced as the director of Cristalino Inc.; the touring company responsible for of Carlos Santana’s live engagements.