Robin Reumers

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Robin Reumers is a Latin Grammy nominated mixing and mastering engineer. He also is the co-founder and director of product development for Leapwing Audio, as well as the Director of Education for Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam. After finishing his studies in audio engineering, he left Europe at a young age for a trainee-ship in the U.S., and soon became the right hand of respected mastering engineer Bob Katz. He ended up working together for 3 years after which he moved back to Europe, to start working as CTO at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. For 7 years he was responsible for the expansion of the studios and the technical maintenance in an increasingly digital world. He managed to keep Galaxy Studios cutting edge, in part thanks to the invention of the new Auro-3D format. He then decided to move to Amsterdam, where Robin now resides at Sonic City Studios as chief engineer, and combines mixing and mastering with his passion for teaching and developing plugins. In his career, Robin has worked with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Paula Arenas, Lola Astanova, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens and Ela Taubert.