Sayer Payne

Owner, Creator, Senior Accounts Manager
MAS Distro

Sayer Payne is creator, owner, and senior accounts manager of MAS Distro wherein he oversees the exclusive worldwide sales, distribution and full-service consultation of musical instrument brands (primarily in the FX pedal category) such as Spaceman FX, Benson, Disaster Area, Greer Ampliciation, Alexander Pedals, Subdecay FX, Stringjoy, Dwarfcraft Devices, GFI System and others. Sayer has developed a rounded experience in the MI category since 2004 with first-hand experience in guitar store sales and operation, retail management and consultation, manufacturing and wholesale B2B operations. His work in creating MAS Distro has yielded an exciting and disruptive model that has redefined the roles and boundaries for sales representation, physical distribution and brand agency with an unlimited view of responsibility and opportunity to interface in the progress of each portfolio brand on a daily basis.