Steevie Steeves

performing artist
Towne (band)

Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious were searching for like-minded people that shared their love for music and desire for opportunity when they met on a songwriters’ retreat in Wyoming. Steeves honed her craft performing in musicals at a young age and later opera taught her how to perfect her voice and use it as a tool to strike emotional truths. Decious knew he wanted to be in music when he saw Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” and eventually founded The Pink Spiders before finding his musical equal in Steeves. Both gifted musical innovators, Steeves and Decious have a crystal-clear chemistry that engages fans and has captured media attention. AXS raved “Powerful and harmonious vocals, with honest and raw lyrics.” It has been said that Towne’s unfiltered, unscripted and unconditional search for love and life’s truths makes them resonate with classic country duos like Johnny Cash and June Carter or the theatrical abandon of Fleetwood Mac.