Wolfgang Frank


Wolfgang Frank founder and CEO of iSEMcon GmbH – Germany, has 30 years experience in measuring small capacitance changes of 10 Femtofarad and less.

After graduating high school in Physics and Chemistry he received his BSc in Electrical Engineering from Mannheim University of applied science in 1988. Wolfgang started his career in the automation industry where he worked for over 22 years in developing capacitive sensors as an engineering manager and later on head of development. At the same time in 1999 as a hobby and side business, Wolfgang established IBF-Akustik e.K., a manufacturing company developing and selling microphones and preamps for speaker measurement.

In 2009 while pursuing other avenues the once IBF-Akustik became a full time dream and iSEMcon GmbH/iSEMcon LLC was formed and a new story began…