Introducing NAMM Career Center

NAMM Career Center

NAMM Career Center is a portal where innovative employers and top-tier talent connect. Build a personalized profile, discover educational resources and explore the music products industry with ease. With tailored features, NAMM Career Center brings employer-employee matchmaking into the digital future without losing the human touch.

Prospective Employers

Via our streamlined interface, your company can effortlessly leverage the industry’s vast talent pool. Quickly post jobs online, manage incoming applications, browse resumes with advanced search options and set email alerts so you never miss a candidate. Catch the eye of job-seeking professionals with our unique branding solutions and profile packages. For maximum visibility, NAMM Career Center offers premium banner ad rotation and featured job positions in our user’s search results. For those with multiple open positions, save time with our automated bulk posting options.

NAMM Career Center shares a broad knowledge base with our employers. We feature materials outlining how to craft attractive job postings and meet government compliance. View our sample job postings and set your company up for success.

Job Seekers

NAMM Career Center is the solution for professionals searching for a job in the music products industry. Build a personalized profile, upload your resume, set up job alerts and utilize our advanced search capabilities. Browse employers via keywords, location, field of work, type of employment and desired seniority.

Our highly experienced team of career coaches can help you to identify your strengths, position yourself for effective career transitions, and ultimately help you do what you love. In service of this, the NAMM Career Center provides expert resume writing services at affordable rates and a comprehensive reference evaluation service.

NAMM Member Benefits

NAMM Members looking to post a position on NAMM Career Center can post at a discounted rate.

NAMM Career Center is where the best talent and companies meet. Create your personalized profile today.